We have a new roof!

Very many thanks to the individuals and local businesses that have supported our Buy A Slate appeal raising nearly £10,000 towards the new roof. The actual cost was many times more as more problems were uncovered during the work, but the donations together with a number of grants from trusts have helped make the project possible.

The church been standing as a beacon in the town’s High Street since 1842 and John Knox church is still today very much at the heart of the community.

The Scottish weather had however taken its toll over the years hence the building needing a completely new roof.

Members of the church are active in living out the Christian faith and contribute in different ways to the local community. As well as offering a drop-in centre and space for local groups including uniformed organisations, Gardening Club and the Historical Society, the congregation runs activities for youth, money courses and job clubs.

The church has an important history both to the town and wider Scottish church history and sees visitors from across the world.

Now the roof has been renewed so that John Knox can continue to be a place of worship and service to the people of Stewarton.

Minister, Rev Gavin Niven, said “At John Knox we very much see our building as a base from which we can go out and serve in the community and beyond. We thank everyone, whether they come to the church or not, who have invested in what is not only a historical landmark and an attractive feature in the centre of our town but also a base from which current and future generations can serve the people of Stewarton.”

If you would like to support the work of the church in the community and wider world please see our Giving page.