September/October 2017

Notes from September Session

2 people supported by Session to become worship leaders – Gillian Burns & Peter Anderson.

Trustees are hoping to have an away day & hopefully spend time on discussing – the linkage and unitary constitution among other things.

A joint meeting of Deacons Court & Session was held to look at finance

The current roof project costs have increased as we had to replace sarking boards as well as other parts (slates / waterproof layer etc) – this additionally meant we had to replace the gutters.  The overspend is of the order of £20,000.  This will produce a cash flow problem for us, so The General Trustees of the C of S have agreed to lend us £15,000 for 1 year (interest free) which will then let us reclaim a grant equivalent to the VAT paid as well as bring forward some gift aid tax relief.  These 2 measures should allow repayment of the loan.

G Whitham
Session Clerk